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In Addition to Transaction Coordination, BVRC offers a myriad of other services to suit your needs in the Real Estate World. Be it organizational or digital marketing, we are equipped to handle nearly any task you ask of us. 

Leasing a Home

Open Houses                                       $70

BVRC is happy to have a licensed agent cover your open houses when you are unable to do so. If a realty concierge from BVRC is not available to host, we will have an agent ready to assist you from your local market center. In addition, if a BVRC Realty Concierge is hosting your open house all potential leads will come back to you for follow up. Our RCs do not keep or follow up on any potential leads, giving you more business. 

House For Sale Sign

Showings                  $25 Per Showing

BVRC can have a licensed agent available to show your buyer clients prospective homes at a moments notice. We are thrilled to show off the potential in the real estate market and maintain a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm when working directly with your clients. 

Suburban Homes

Individual Property Errands                $ Current Govt. Mileage Rate

If you are unavailable to run an errand for a property one of our RCs will be happy to do it for you. Whether it be to drop off paperwork, check on repairs, meet with inspectors or broom sweep before a final walkthrough our RC is more than happy to run out to the property and make sure everything is in working order. We base our pricing for property errands on the individual government mileage rate which is currently at .58 Cents per Mile. 

Creative Work

Digital Marketing           Pricing Varies

BVRC has the talent and diligence to create any digital marketing items you may need in order to expand your business. We can create, design and distribute almost anything you need tailored and branded specifically to you. Some of our services incluede:

  • Personally Branded Listing Packets

  • Personally Branded First Time Home Buyer Info Packets

  • Property Mailers and Physical Post Cards

  • Flyers

  • Door Knockers

  • Thank You Cards

Digital social media

Social Media                          Pricing Varies

Social Media is a fantastic way to market your business, but it can often be time consuming to create fun and creative posts each week. BVRC can create new postings and facilitate lead generation from your personal or business social media accounts. We can also create and run ads to be seen on all platforms including facebook and google. Our RCs can also send out email blasts and reminders to your personal database.

Ux mobile app

Administrative               $40 Per Hour                                         but may vary

Our RCs are happy to help with any administrative needs you may have. We have the organizational and database knowledge to help you enhance your leverage and find things easier in your daily routine. 

Need Something Else?

BVRC prides itself on being able to take on most tasks realtors need preformed for their business. If you don't see something here that you would like, please contact us to discuss how we can assist with your special request.  

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