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Moving House

Transaction Coordination: Bronze Plan

  • ·Contract Review and completion if necessary

  • Introduction to all Parties

  • paperwork disbursement

  • Weekly Client email updates

  • Order inspections, warranties and repairs

  • Obtain all reports and disburse to correct parties

  • all contract paperwork added through command

  • compliance verification

Leasing a Home

Transaction Coordination: Silver Plan

  • All Bronze Tier Benefits PLUS:

  • Social Media Marketing for Listings

  • Paper/Virtual Marketing (Open House Fliers, Neighborhood Postcards, email blasts, etc.)

  • Scheduling Property photos

  • Submitting commissions through command

  • Placing Listing in MLS

  • Check pick up and dispersal to brokerage

  • Client Review and Survey

The New House
home keys
Buying a House

Transaction Coordination: Gold Plan

  • All Bronze and Silver Benefits PLUS:

  • Lock Box/Sign Drop off for properties (60-mile Radius)

  • Meet with contractors/appraisers/inspectors for repairs/inspections

  • Showings/open houses if needed

  • Sign/Lock box pick up after close (60-mile Radius)

  • Close out transaction on MLS

  • Property and errand runs

  • Write initial contract with agent if needed

  • Client “Rewards"

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